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August 3, 2019

Bringing Christ & Community Together 

Fun In The Son NYC is dedicated to bringing the message of love, faith, hope, community, and Christ to the citizens of Bronx County. Working as partners in this cause, the New York City Council 12th District and Good Neighbors Community Outreach Agency seek to bring fun, fellowship, and sense of unity to the community. The two men spearheading this joint venture are none other than Pastor Paul A. Peart and Councilmember Andy King. 


Rev. Paul A Peart has been the Sr. pastor of the New Testament Temple Church of God- Bronx, New York since 1994. A native of Jamaica, W.I., Rev Peart, a quiet visionary thinker, launched Good Neighbors Community Outreach Agency in 2002 to provide advice and assistance to people seeking to develop their natural and human resources to benefit themselves and their community. Good Neighbors, a faith-based non-profit organization, provides social services such as job preparation and placement assistance, food pantry, GED programs, immigrant counseling services and much more to its community. 


New York City Council Member Andy King was elected to serve the people of the 12th Council District in November of 2012 when the voters issued out a landslide of 80 percent of the vote to King as their new City Council Member. King was re-elected by the majority to his first four-year term in November 2013. Andy King has proven to be a leader the 12th District truly needs to represent the residents of the 12th in City Hall. His motto has been and will always be that "People Pay Attention To People Who Participate".