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Thank you For Donating

We are asking you to support one of the three initiatives listed below.​

Food Security Program

Over 2,000 families receive boxes of food, vegetables, cereal, milk and so much more every week from this initiative. Each generous donation of $25 will feed A family of 4 for a week.

Food Security

Tree Planting Initiative

The Jamaican "3 Million Trees in 3 Years" Initiative is well on it's way to success. With over 1 million trees left to plant, now is the perfect time to partner with us to support this initiative.

Tree Planting

Adopt A Clinic Initiative

Partner with us as we partner with the Gordon Town Health Centre in East Rural St Andrew Jamaica. The clinic is in urgent need of supplies, equipment and infrastructure repairs to serve the community. Your generous donation will help us to help them.

Adopt a clinic

Thank You!

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