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Minister Judith Gayle

Judith A. Gayle is a prime example of God's ability to transform brokenness to wholesomeness and a life of despair to a life of divine purpose.

Born in Clarendon Jamaica, Judith has had a myriad of experiences that helped to shape her radical identity and uncompromising love for God. She found solace in music and began a journey in the hotel industry in Jamaica She rose to prominence as a cabaret singer in Jamaica’s most prestigious hotels.

In 1999, she was invited by a friend to a local church in Clarendon and it was there that her life changed as God captivated her heart.

Like any diamond in the rough, her early years as a young Christian brought seemingly unbearable servings of loss, heartache, despair, fear, pain, struggle and suffering.

Having been stripped of everything and isolated in misery, she was forced to grab hold of a holy boldness in God, who gave her strength to go on. With all that she as been through, she stood on Philippians 3:14. Today she holds a doctorate in theology, 7 albums to her credit, 3 published books, a fragrance line, a skirt line, and her talk show entitled “This Is Real, Lets Take The Mask Off” She believes God takes care of the complete man, and believe that we all have the ability to possess our earthly possession. She hates mediocrity and pretentiousness, in recognizing and highlighting the gift of God, Judith believes if you allow God to mold you, you will be the vessel He calls you to be.

This woman of God is a force to recon with. She knows what it is to maintain the oil in her Alabaster box.

In addition to her ministry of singing, Judith is also an authorship, Judith is also humanitarian.

Judith delights in helping people and does so readily, without seeking credit. To know her, is to come face to face with Holy Boldness, humility, and a smile always.

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