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Glory Music

Updated: Jun 13, 2018

Glory Music is an Event Planning and Christian Artist Booking Agency In the Caribbean. Located in Kingston, Jamaica, Glory Music is responsible for our main event Fun In The Son, and wishes to fulfill their mission and goal to enhance the Gospel Music Industry.

Glory Music is the prominent leading force in the talent booking business working with many of today's biggest names in all genres of Christian music, from Contemporary R&B to Reggae to Classic Soul, Funk, Jazz ,Directors of Film and Photo ,Comedians,Musicians and the production of large-scale events.

Glory Music represents nationally and internationally renowned artists including Carlene Davis,Papa San , Jabez, Toby Mac, MC Tommy Cowan, Lil I Rocc, Septimus Omari,Kevin Downswell, Jermaine Edwards, Grace Thrillers Sister Scully, Tito Jackson,Kingdom Soldiers, Donnie Mclurkin, Kirk Franklin, Ryan Berry, Dj Nicholas, Photographer Tiffany Lue-Yen and many more.

Glory Music Event Production

The 2011 Fun in the Son Festival had an attendance of over 100,000 people in Kingston Jamaica. Celebrating 9 years in existence with a Uk tour and a DVD/TV special which has been headlined by Kirk Franklin with feature guest artists such as Carlene Davis, Papa San, Jabez, Dj Nicholas and others.

The Fun In The Son Uk 2008 Tour Featured The Grace Thrillers, Chevelle Franklyn,Carlene Davis and Dj Nicholas.

The Denbigh Agricultural Show 2010 featuring Jabez , Carlene Davis and Kingdom Soldiers..

In addition to the above mentioned events Glory Music has produced events featuring Beres Hammong, Delia Roman, T.D. Jakes, Alvin Slaughter, Toby Mac and many more.

Glory Music has developed an honourable reputation and solid relationship with the Jamaican Government and key players in Corporate Jamaica. Having over 20 years young and looking forward, Glory Music continues to fulfill its purpose and vision through music.

Learn more about Glory Music and their mission here!