Odayne Rhoden and The Worship Experience

The Worship Experience under the leadership of Bro. O. Rhoden was birthed in February 2016. A vibrant, spirit filled group of young people joined in the ministry and has worked ardently to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Worship Experience goes way beyond aesthetics, as the group’s main focus is to serve their brothers and sisters. During their tenure, they have shared their entertainment space with some of America’s finest Gospel artist and musicians inclusive of, Marvin Sapp, Dr. Juanita Bynum, Vanessa Bell Armstrong, and RESOUND. On the other hand, when the lights go out and the music ceases, these powerful ministers of the gospel launch out into the community to socialize with the grassroots people who are sometimes forgotten. They host health fairs, feed the homeless, visit the sick in hospitals, and comfort the troubled in prison. As a matter of fact, they sometimes get invited to do concerts to bring joy and hope to the inmates at Riker’s Island and even young students in kindergarten and middle school. Their goal is to continue promoting the Good Samaritan creed through ministry and to shine the light of Jesus Christ in the hearts of their brothers and sisters.

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